Bilton Cycle Stand
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This is a Sheffield style variant. The stand will accommodate up to two bikes (one each side). The variants like the Model n and Toast Racks offer higher security cycle storage, the user can lock the wheel and frame to the stand using their own D-lock or chain etc.


Height 750mm x Length 750mm (Above Ground)


  • Available underground for casting in to the ground or overground for bolting down.
  • 48mm overall diameter.
  • Wall thickness 3.25mm.
  • Underground versions 300mm below ground.
  • Overground versions require 3 12mm bolts per flange (6 per stand).
  • Height above ground 750mm, length overall 750mm
  • Bolts are available extra.
  • Mild steel galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 (1999).
  • Stainless steel is grade 304 as standard.
  • Other colours available

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