Brighton Tall Locker
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This is great as a space saving bike store, by storing the bike on the back wheel you use less floor space, so freeing up valuable garage or garden space.

Inside the thick, weatherproof all steel unit is an easy access guide ramp and a wheel retaining clamp. Simply open the heavy duty door. Then lift and push the bike into the wide guide rail. When the bike hits the back, the wheel retainer drops down and clamps the bike into place. Close and lock the tough pick resistant lock. Easy!

  • Height: 6ft 5" (1990mm)
  • Width: 2ft 4" (750mm)
  • Depth: 3ft 6" (1100mm)
  • Weight: 132kg (20.7 stone)
  • Door Aperture: 648mm x 1682mm
  • Base Size: 2ft 6" (800mm) x 3ft 9" (1200mm)

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