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Space saving, superb usability and excellent value! The Two Tier Rack is a very innovative and user friendly cycle parking system which allows you to house twice as many bikes in the same area as any standard cycle rack. There is a growing requirement for two tier cycle parking systems; especially in areas of high popular densities such as; stations, shopping centres, schools, car parks and offices.


  • Benefits of the Two Tier Rack cycle parking system include:
  • Easy to use upper tier using stainless steel bearings
  • The bicycle is held stable in the wheel channels
  • Accommodates all cycle types (mountain bikes, town bikes etc)
  • Bicycles can be chained for security
  • Cycle is well supported when being stored
  • Lower rack has a sloping wheel channel, so the user does not have to bend
    between the levels
  • Can be extended infinitely
  • Double or single sided versions available
  • Robust construction, hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Optional powder coating in any of the 192 RAL colours
  • Handles of the upper channels are fitted with reflecting tape
  • Designed and manufactured by a company with over 50 years experience
  • This bike rack can help contribute towards gaining ENE8 Cycle storage credits when used in the appropriate situation, under the Code for Sustainable Homes.
  • Cycle stands are compact with a centre to centre distance of 375mm
  • Minimum height required is 2350mm x minimum depth 1800mm (plus a recommended minimum entrance space of 1500mm)

For all types of bicycles
The Two Tier Rack can accommodate all types of bicycles, such as mountain bikes and town bikes, and any bicycles can also be chained to the Two Tier Rack for extra security. Once placed into the rack, the bicycle is well supported by wheel channels and the back wheel is stabilised by a gutter to lock the bicycle firmly into place.

Simple and easy
The lower rack has a sloping wheel channel, so the user does not have to bend between the levels which makes this cycle parking system simple and easy to use for all ages. This rack is excellent for space saving as the cycle stands are so compact with a centre to centre distance of 400mm. There is also the option to have your rack powder coated in your colour of choice. Choose from our colour chart below.

How many bikes can I fit in with the Two Tier Rack?
It's easy to work out. All you need to do, is measure the length of the area you want to fit the rack in. The length (mm) divided by 375mm = number of bikes that will fit on the bottom row. Multiply by 2 to get the total number of bike spaces and subtract 2 bikes to allow for the handle bars sticking out

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