Free Standing Wall Dock, Single and Double Sided
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A variation on our popular Wall Dock, the Free Standing Wall Dock lets users make the most from floor space. The frame can be securely bolted to the floor in any position of the room. Ideal for offices, housing developments, schools.


  • Frame dimensions:
    • Single sided Depth 550mm x Width 600mm x Height 2050mm (1 bike per frame)
    • Double sided Depth 1050mm x Width 600mm x Height 2050mm (2 bikes per frame)
  • Space efficient design. Ideal for cramming as many bikes into a tight space as possible, without impacting usability
  • Locking bar to allow users to lock both bike wheels and frame with a standard D-Lock
  • Code for Sustainable Homes Approved
  • Ease of use - Simply lift your front wheel up into the unit
  • Optional RAWL expansion bolts for ground fixing
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